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IPS Aurora Camera - Cressy, Tasmania

Cressy Aurora Camera


An all-sky aurora patrol CCD camera located at Cressy, Tasmania provides aurora watchers with real-time guidance on whether auroras are visible from Tasmania. The date (yyyy/mm/dd), time (hh:mm:ss) and exposure time (seconds) are shown in the top left corner of the images. The images are orientated with South to the right and East at bottom. When fog or low cloud is present, patches of green glow occur toward the left (North). This is caused by light pollution from Cressy located several kilometres to the North of the station. Faint red auroras (630.0 nm) are often apparent low on the southern horizon (right) for Kp of 3 or more. Green auroras (557.7 nm) are often recorded low on the southern horizon for Kp of 4 or more. The human eye loses sensitivity to deep red light when dark adapted, so red auroras remain sub-visual unless they are very bright. The green auroras are often as bright as the Milky Way, and they are almost certainly visible to a well-trained observer from locations free of cloud and light pollution. Red auroras can extend toward zenith above Tasmania during the local midnight hours when Kp is 6 or more. Warning: The camera control software is fully automatic and often changes the exposure time, dark frame subtraction and colour balance. Corrupted images are often caused by erroneous dark frame subtraction.

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Australia/New Zealand - Forecast Aurora activity

Australia/New Zealand - Forecast Aurora activity

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